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Real Estate Videos and Marketing Your Listing

Real Estate Videos and Marketing Your Listing

A lot has changed in the past 5 years as far as marketing a listing goes. looking back into the late 90’s and early 2000’s pictures were the main way to market a listing and as far as video went it was a miserable time. Producing web video was expensive, time consuming and complex. Technology was at a bit of a standstill and creating a short video took everything out of a marketing budget and in the end was still not a presentable product. It took dozens of people and hundreds of hours, day in and day out. All that for stuttery videos that were the size of a postage stamp on your screen.

How times have changed…. Flash forward nearly a decade. Web video for your listing is not the wild of an idea any more, technology has become more accessible, internet speeds have become faster, and the picture quality is quickly becoming comparable to hollywood. When toe digital film world really changed was when The Canon 5D Mk. III was released in early 2012. It wasn’t the first digital SLR to shoot video, but it is quite possibly the best. Now five years later we have a slew of camera solutions that produce cinema quality video that can take a real estate listing to the next level.

Now The Canon 5d Mark III uses a lightning fast image processor, a monstrous CMOS for HD and Canon’s extensive collection of high-end lenses and you can start creating some real magic for your real estate listing.

So what does this mean for real estate? It means your listing videos can look like this…

Marysville Estate // REAL ESTATE from Travels Through Images on Vimeo.

This technology is also a truely democratizing force, meaning your marketing collateral can now compete with the best that National Ad Agency can cook up. In the eyes of consumers, a boutique brokerage can now sit on a level playing field with the big brands with their multi-million dollar ad budgets. We over at Travels Through Images are stepping into the Real Estate market to make this videos accessible for the broker looking to sell a property before buyer even arrives to inspect it. What if that was possible? Giving people an in depth look at a house or commercial space before they step foot on the door mat. Photos can ply do so much and now in the age of marketable Real Estate Cinema it is a whole new playing field. Real estate cinema is now within your reach. All it takes is a little imagination. And some passion. And anything is possible with Real Estate Videos and Your Listing